Within our Naasei Web Hosting Services Hosting Control Panel you will see an easy to use Web–site Builder instrument, that can be used to design a new website. The Site Builder features over a hundred distinctive site templates, obtainable in different color options, that you can personalize to your preferences. To make a new website, you won’t have to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or any other back–end language. Everything you need to understand is how to utilize the point–and–click manager with the Site Builder. It can be used to instantly generate brand new pages, alter their contents, add new elements to your website and much more.

A Straightforward Web–site Builder

No development knowledge is needed

Using the Website Builder incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel, it will be easy to introduce your very own site with easy point and click actions. Utilizing the internal editor, you can easily bring brand new webpages, manage present ones, alter the appearance of your web site, etcetera. If you’ve made use of an app or anything like Word or Excel, then you definitely know precisely how to make use of the Web–site Builder.

And here is the best part – you don’t need to know how to craft and program a website and do not need to make use of or comprehend any HTML, CSS or even PHP. And when you need assistance, you can check out the illustrative assistance articles and instructional videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Multiple Website Design Themes

We’ve got over 100 design themes

Naasei Web Hosting Services offers over a hundred layout templates with various coloring options and different layouts. By doing this, you could make your website different from the very beginning. You could add more pages, reorganize their hierarchy, and so forth.

In case you no longer enjoy the appearance of your site, you can replace the design template, the color pattern and the design at any moment. The whole website content are going to be saved and will be displayed on the brand new template without delay.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Tutorials

Learn how uncomplicated it is actually to create a web site

Our Web Site builder is without a doubt easy to use, nevertheless, in order to make the most from the application, you will need some advice and practical knowledge. To let you receive the greatest results, we have prepared several video lessons centered on the various characteristics made available from Site Studio.

The video tutorials will help you to better learn how to deal with the site tool.

Video Tutorials